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Jim Clanin's new book, The Fundamentals of Mining for Gemstones and Mineral Specimens, has been released. Jim is a Geologist/Mining Engineer and professional contract miner for gem-mining clients throughout the world, and he offers his talents to gem miners who need to understand all aspects of gem mining in a concise and practical way.

This book is literally ground-breaking in many ways. From his 36 years of experience, Jim recognizes that gem mining is not usually dominated by college-trained geologists and engineers. Rather, it is a business most participants learn the hard way: on the job. In twelve introductory chapters, Jim presents basic ideas in a clearly explained way that will increase the success of any gem mining venture. The book is not intended to replace years of specialized schooling, but it will help prepare commercial gem miners by providing the practical, fundamental knowledge they need to be successful.

Recognizing that the discovery of a potentially valuable deposit is the beginning of the mining process, the book begins with two chapters relating to mineralogy of gem deposits and how maps are important tools in maximizing the miner's efforts. (The key is keen and directed observation.) The book immediately concentrates on equipment issues as the necessary first step toward proving and developing a deposit.

Many miners discover too late that they have diminished the value of their gem rough and mineral specimens through neglectful practices. Jim discusses the use of explosives, techniques of processing "ore" and how the recovered gem material should be treated and marketed.

Jim also discusses the challenges of mining in both developed and undeveloped countries. Few miners realize that health issues, camp layout, security, logistics, local regulations, etc. may determine whether a gem mine will be successful.

The real meat of the book are the eight "case studies" featuring emerald mining in Madagascar, alluvial, garnet and ruby mining in East Africa, ruby mining in the Northern Areas of Pakistan, pegmatite mining in Pakistan and California, and mining day light fluorescent fluorite in Northern England. The case studies involve both hard-rock and alluvial deposits. Within these chapters, the reader sees the concepts of the first chapter in operation. The three short appendixes contain valuable information and act as a resource for a miner who often needs this important information, but has trouble finding it scattered across the internet.

At over 400 pages, this book is a "must have" for gem miners. It is richly illustrated with drawings and photos, and includes practical information collected over a long and successful gem mining career. There has never been such a wonderful guide written before, for both the experienced and the artisanal miners.

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